Whispering Falls by Daniel Sabljak

Whispering Falls

Whispering Falls isn’t consistently flowing, but when it is it beats out Ash Cave Falls in terms of height. The waterfall is a narrow plume of water that shoots off a towering rock face into the creek below. Whispering Falls is located in the incredibly popular Hocking Hills State Park, but avoids a majority of the crowds since it isn't in one of the parks five main areas. Upstream from here is the majestic Cedar Falls and Hidden Falls and downstream from here is Rose Lake Falls, an 80 foot waterfall off trail that gets way less attention than it should.

Height: 100 feet
Crest: 4 feet
Water Flow Level: Low

Address: Cedar Falls Trailhead, Hocking Hills State Park

How to get there:

Begin at the Cedar Falls Trailhead and descend into the gorge. Instead of heading upstream to Cedar Falls, take the Grandma Gatewood Trail downstream. The trail is marked with blue blazes and is also a portion of the North Country and Buckeye Trails. Follow this trail for about a mile, passing several large waterfalls along the way. If these first waterfalls aren’t flowing, it’s unlikely Whispering Falls will be either. The trail runs behind the falls via a boardwalk. Further down the trail you can access the 80-foot Rose Lake Falls, which is a bit more reliable than Whispering Falls.