The waterfall is located in Viaduct Park, which can be found at the intersection of Taylor and Willis Road. Once you've found the park, take the paved trail down into the gorge. The trail isn't long and you should reach the waterfall within a few minutes. Near the waterfall is the remains of an old mill with a small tunnel that you can explore. Downstream from the falls is the park's namesake viaduct; a several hundred-foot long tunnel.

Nearby waterfalls

Viaduct Park is located just outside the Bedford Reservation, which contains the beautiful (but slightly less dramatic) Bridal Veil Falls and Deerlick Creek Falls. A few miles further away are the Cuyahoga Valley's Station Road Bridge Waterfalls; which includes The Twin Sisters, Crazy Man's Hollow, Contour Falls and Greenwood Falls

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Distance from Major Cities:

  • Cleveland: 15-30 min.
  • Akron: 30 min.
  • Toledo: 2 hours
  • Columbus: 2 hours

Why You Should Visit

Things in Ohio have a tendency of not living up to their names, but the Great Falls of Tinkers Creek is certainly an exception to the rule! The 20-foot tall waterfall is one of Ohio's widest with a crest of almost 80 feet.  I've always thought this is what the nearby Chagrin Falls would look like was it in the wild. Downstream from the waterfall is the park's namesake viaduct. This is a several hundred-foot-long tunnel that takes the creek out of the park and into the Bedford Reservation.

Great Falls of Tinkers Creek