Deerlick Creek Waterfalls

From here you may be able to see the main waterfall on the creek; 12-foot Deerlick Creek Falls. Stay on this trail as it continues to parallel the ravine's rim and crosses over the creek upstream from here. After crossing over the creek, the trail will run alongside the opposite rim of the ravine. Follow the trail until it begins to peel away from the creek. Exit the trail and descend into the ravine to find yourself just above the main waterfall. To see the rest of the waterfalls on this hike, you'll simply have to continue downstream. The hike certainly isn't easy, but is worth every step. Just a few hundred yards downstream from the main falls you'll pass a pretty interesting waterfall that jumps off a boulder and just a bit past that waterfall you'll reach a narrow 10-foot cascade. After the cascade, the creek seems to level out and become less dramatic. Don't be fooled! The best has yet to come.  Maybe 10-15 minutes after the 10-foot cascade (depending on your speed) the creek will make a stunning little drop into gorge. This is where the Bridal Veil Falls Creek joins Deerlick Creek.  If you continue 100 yards past the confluence, you'll be rewarded with a 15-foot cascade dropping into the creek on the left side.

Lower Deerlick Creek Falls by Cameron Schron


Getting to Deerlick Creek Waterfalls

To access Deerlick Creek and its many waterfalls, park your car at the Bridal Falls Trailhead, which is located off Gorge Parkway 1.9 miles past the Bedford Reservation's Eastern entrance, which is located next to the Shawnee Hills Golf Course. Once parked, take the boardwalk down to Bridal Veil Falls. I definitely recommend spending some time at this waterfall before checking out Deerlick Creek. It truly is one of the most peaceful waterfalls in Ohio. The boardwalk ends at an intersection with the Buckeye Trail, which goes in both directions. if you take the trail to the left (over the bridge) for about a mile, you'll end up at the Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook, one of the most impressive overlooks in the area. To get to Deerlick Creek, turn right at this trailhead (away from the bridge) and continue out of the ravine. 1/4 of a mile later the trail will turn to the right and parallel the rim of the Deerlick Creek ravine.

Heights: 12, 5, 10, 5, and 15 feet

Crests: 15, 5, 5, 8, and 6 feet

Water flow level: Medium-High

Difficulty to reach: Medium-Hard

Address: Gorge Parkway, Bedford, Ohio

Located in the Bedford Reservation, Deerlick Creek has to be one of the most picturesque Autumn locations in all of Ohio. The main waterfall on the creek is visible from the trail, but several other notable waterfalls can be found downstream that require a bit of tough off-trail hiking to reach. One of the best spots on the creek is the stream's confluence with the creek Bridal Veil Falls flows down. Here Deerlick Creek drops 5 feet into small gorge and the other creek gracefully joins Deerlick Creek just 20 feet to the right.