How to get there:
The Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook is located on Gorge Parkway, just east of the intersection between Gorge Parkway and Overlook Lane. The overlook is about 1.5 miles west of the Bridal Veil Falls Trailhead and a sign and parking lot will notify you that you are at the overlook.

Address: Gorge Parkway, Walton Hills, Ohio

Considered to be the main attraction of the Bedford Reservation, The Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook is a view that is lucky to exist. In the 1960’s there were local lawmakers who wanted to dam up the Tinkers Creek Gorge, turning it into a deep 150-acre recreational lake. The proposed idea garnered a lot of support, but luckily didn’t pass and the gorge remained untouched. The Tinkers Creek Gorge was designated as a National Natural Landmark and drops over 200 feet over the span of 2 miles within the park. The overlook itself takes in a panoramic view of the valley from the rim of the gorge, and is especially spectacular in fall, when vibrant fall colors blanket the valley in a sea of orange and red.

Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook

Tinkers Creek Gorge by Patrick Stepanek