Height: 20 feet

Crest: 60 feet

Water flow level: High

Difficulty to reach: Very Easy

Address: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Getting to Chagrin Falls:

This waterfall is located at the heart of Chagrin Falls on North Main Street. The waterfall is closest to the intersection between North Main street and Bell Street. Right above the waterfall is an old popcorn shop, a Starbucks, and a Jeni’s Ice Cream. Usually there is open parking spots right outside the popcorn shop, if not it shouldn’t be difficult to find a parking spot nearby. To the left of the popcorn shop a boardwalk will take you down to an overlook of the falls.

Nearby waterfalls:

The largely unknown Willey Creek Falls is located a short drive from here just outside the South Chagrin Reservation. Cat's Den Falls, a unique waterfall that drops into a rock den and then flows out of a natural arch is a 5 minute drive Southeast from here. The South Chagrin Reservation is home to many small and seasonal waterfalls, including the series of waterfalls on Sulphur Springs Creek.  

Chagrin Falls by Sophal Yan

Perhaps the best waterfall in the center of an Ohio city, Chagrin Falls shares many similarities with the equally impressive Great Falls of Tinkers Creek. In the early 1800’s Chagrin Falls became one of the largest industrial centers in Northeast Ohio. This industrialization can be credited to the waterfall itself, which powered 9 different mills at its peak. Today, Chagrin Falls is hardly the industry hub it was 150 years ago. The town has become a popular town of residence for wealthy Clevelanders and people who enjoy the comfort of living in a quiet town that is just a short drive from Downtown Cleveland.

Chagrin Falls