How to get there:
The best place to start exploring this creek is the Sulphur Springs trailhead on Sulphur Springs Drive in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Just drive down Sulphur Springs drive and you'll see a sign with a turnoff to the trailhead. Take this road until it ends in a parking lot. Park here and head downstream. The only way to see all of these waterfalls is just to walk down the stream. Its a good 30 minute walk from the parking lot to the Chagrin River.

Number of Waterfalls: 4
Heights: 5, 6, 15, 10

Difficulty: Moderate

Sulphur Springs Waterfalls

Located in the South Chagrin Reservation, Sulphur Springs is creek that drops into the Chagrin River. Several notable waterfalls drop down the creek, including a 10-foot waterfall that drops right into the Chagrin River. An upstream portion of the creek runs through a narrow hemlock gorge and is just as impressive as any waterfall on this creek. The nearby Willey Creek Falls is bigger than anything in this stream, although the legality of visiting it is in question.