Cedar Falls is Hocking Hills State Park's most consistent waterfall, sliding 40 feet down a cliff before ending in a quick 10 foot drop. Although Ash Cave Falls and several other nearby waterfalls are nearly twice as tall as this waterfall, no Hocking Hills waterfall is consistently as impressive as Cedar Falls. The waterfall was mistakenly named "Cedar Falls" by early settlers, who believed the hemlock trees that covered the stream's gorge were Cedar Trees. Right next to Cedar Falls is Hidden Falls, a 12-foot waterfall that is a nice addition to this gem.

sources:  http://www.thehockinghills.org/cedarfalls.htm

Height: 50 feet

Crest: 10 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Cedar Falls Carey Sherrill

How to get there:

Address: Hocking Hills State Park - 21724 Ohio 374 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138

Cedar Falls is one of the 6 main hiking spots in Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a very well marked area so finding the Trailhead shouldn't be too difficult. Once you reach the Trailhead, go left out of the parking lot. This trail is about 1/2 a mile long one way. The trail will take you down to creek-level and then follow the creek up to the falls. Return the same way you came in.

Cedar Falls