Located no more than 50 yards from Cedar Falls, Hidden Falls is a nice added bonus while visiting that waterfall. The somewhat seasonal waterfall is tucked away behind a large boulder, making it "hidden" from view. By taking the Grandma Gatewood Trail downstream from here you’ll end up at Old Man’s Cave, passing by over a dozen massive waterfalls along the way, including the 100-foot Whispering Falls, the 60-foot Broken Rock Falls,  and the 80-foot Rose Lake Falls (if you're willing to journey off-trail)

Getting to Hidden Falls:

Park at the Cedar Falls Trailhead and head down the steps into the gorge. Briefly head upstream and you’ll end up at Cedar Falls and Hidden Falls. For reference, I've attached a trail map of the Cedar Falls Area of Hocking Hills below 

  • Height: 15 feet
  • Crest: 10 feet
  • Difficulty to reach: Easy
  • Water Flow Level: Medium
  • Address: Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Hidden Falls