Getting to Buttermilk Falls

Located downstream from Blue Hen Falls, Buttermilk Falls is a 30-foot cascade that is perhaps the most scenic waterfall in all of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Although no trail leads to the cascade, Buttermilk Falls has become so popular among locals that a worn path now takes you to it. The waterfall is actually on property owned by the Boston Mills Ski Resort, so even if the National Park Service wanted to construct a trail to this waterfall, they legally wouldn't be able to. 

Height: 30 feet

Crest: 20 feet

Difficulty to reach: Moderate

Water Flow Level: Medium-High

Address: 2001 West Boston Mills Road, Brecksville, Ohio

Buttermilk Falls

Begin by parking in the lot right across the street from the trailhead (the main lot fills up quickly and is tough to get out of). Cross the street and take the trail down into the Spring Creek Valley and to Blue Hen falls. Continue past Blue Hen Fall, passing the sign that says "end of trail". Between Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls, you travel a distance of about 1/2 mile and will cross the creek three times. Unless you have a pretty good pair of waterproof boots, it's almost inevitable that your feet are going to get a bit wet. The last creek crossing occurs just barely upstream from the falls, passing by the ruins of an old road bridge. After crossing the creek, you'll be standing at the top of Buttermilk Falls. As cool as this view is, the view of the waterfall from its base is much better and it isn't too difficult to get down to.

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Note: Since the Boston Mills Ski Resort owns the land this waterfall is on, technically this isn't on National Park land. The ski resort doesn't seem to mind whatsoever that people come here, as they haven't put up any no trespassing signs or made any attempt to prevent people from coming here. If you are told by anyone to exit the property, please listen to them and report the incident to us at so we can cease directing people to this waterfall.