Blue Hen Falls by Andrew Gacom

Height: 15 feet

Crest: 7 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Address: 2001 West Boston Mills Rd, Brecksville, Ohio

Blue Hen Falls

One of Ohio's most beloved and photographed waterfalls, Blue Hen falls has become a Northeast Ohio favorite thanks to it's accessibility and picturesque location in the woods on the western slopes of the Cuyahoga Valley. It's just a short 1/4 mile walk down the hill from the trailhead. Downstream from Blue Hen Falls is the even more impressive Buttermilk falls.

Getting to Blue Hen Falls:

The Blue Hen falls Trailhead is located at the address listed above. There's a normal parking lot and an overflow lot, I recommend parking in the overflow lot. The main lot fills up quickly and turning around in it is a hassle. Once parked in the overflow lot, head across the street to the main lot and take the abandoned road down into the Spring Creek Valley. You'll cross over the creek on a metal bridge and follow the creek downstream for 50 yards to end up at a bench overlooking Blue Hen Falls.