Located at the entrance to the Brecksville Reservation, Chippewa Creek falls is one of the many waterfalls that tumble through the Chippewa Creek Gorge. Although many people come here to swim and cliff jump, doing so is illegal so I do not encourage anyone to do so! The gorge downstream from the waterfall is a must see for any Ohio resident and can be viewed by taking the Hemlock Loop trail that circles the rim of the gorge or by by climbing down to the creek itself. If going inside the gorge, you may stumble across the larger Lower Chippewa Creek Falls.

Height: 10 feet

Crest: 10 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Water Flow Level: High

Address: Chippewa Creek Drive, Brecksville, Ohio

Photo by Patrick Harvey

Getting to Chippewa Creek Falls:

This waterfall isn't too difficult to find. The waterfall is located under State Route 82 and the trailhead is located right at the intersection between State Route 82 and Chippewa Creek Drive. An overlook deck gives you decent views of the falls

Nearby Waterfalls:

Lower Chippewa Creek Falls is roughly 1/3 of a mile downstream from here, and the incredible Twin Sisters Falls and Crazy Man's Hollow Falls are located on the other end of this park. Also in the Brecksville Reservation is the small Deerlick Cave Falls.

Chippewa Creek Falls