4 miles (one way), Easy
Often overlooked and considered a lesser Towpath trail, this section of the Bike and Hike is better than almost anything  the Towpath Trail can offer you. The trail begins at the State Route 303 Trailhead and heads north under 303. After traveling past several ravines and the mega-mansions of Boston Heights, you'll reach the Boston Ledges. The Boston Ledges once rivaled the nearby Virginia Kendall Ledges in size and popularity until the early 1900's when a railroad company blew through them to make way for the railbed you're currently walking on. Roughly a mile later you will reach the halfway point when you cross over Boston Mills Road.  Just a few hundred yards past Boston Mills Road the trail passed over Interstate 80 and give decent views of the Cuyahoga Valley to the west. Still heading north, you will pass over Hines Hill road and then over a moderately large ravine before reaching Brandywine Road. From here, the trail will head Northwest and gradually descend into the Brandywine Creek Valley. You'll cross over a newly constructed footbridge that will take you to the Brandywine Falls Parking Lot/Trailhead. I highly advise checking out Brandywine Falls, at 65 feet tall, it's easily one of the most impressive waterfalls in all of Ohio let alone the Midwest. If you have extra time, the Brandywine Gorge Trail is a great trail that offers you a chance to explore the rugged gorge downstream from Brandywine Falls.

Bike and Hike trail

Brandywine Falls, located right off trail. Photo by Nick Hoeller

Address: Near Intersection between Olde 8 Road and State Route 303 in Hudson, Ohio

The Bike and Hike Trail is a paved path that runs along an old train bed. It's a very popular jogging and biking trail for Northeast Ohio natives who are looking to escape the heavy crowds of the Towpath Trail. While most of the trail is rather monotonous, A 4 mile portion of the Bike and Hike Trail runs along the eastern border of Cuyahoga Valley National Park and is anything but boring