Brandywine Gorge Trail by Hunter Gawne

Trail description:

The best way to hike the Brandywine Gorge Trail is to hike it counterclockwise. Begin at the parking lot and take the paved trail over the waterfall. Stay on the paved trail until it enters the woods past the Brandywine Inn.The trail leaves the paved trail and descends into the gorge, passing by steep rocky drop-offs to the left. Later in the hike there is a tiny spur trail that takes you to a bench that offers a view of Brandywine Creek and a 10 foot waterfall just upstream. Continue walking downstream and cross over the creek via a relatively newly created footbridge. The trail follows the southern rim of the ravine back to the parking lot

Address: 8230 Brandywine Road, Northfield, Ohio

1.5 miles, Moderate

The Brandywine Gorge Trail explores the gorge downstream from Brandywine Falls. The 1.5-mile trail passes rocky outcrops, a soothing waterfall, and seasonal vernal pools. The trail is one of the most impressive trails in the entire Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Brandywine Gorge Trail