Virginia Kendall Ledges Trail

Why You Should Go:

The Ledges Trail is one of Northeast Ohio's most beloved hiking trails. The trail loops around the Virginia Kendall Ledges, which reach nearly 100 feet tall their highest point. The highlight of the trail is the Ledges Overlook, which looks out over the forested Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

From the lot take the connector trail that begins where the road to the parking lot ends. Turn left when the trail splits and follow it down to the main trail, then turn right.  You'll now hike through the most interesting portion of the ledges. Here the ledges have cracked open, creating a maze of rock ledges ready to be explored. The ledges will begin to die down, but not before you pass Ice Box Cave. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in the cave because of infected bats, but there is a much smaller cave close to Ice Box and right off the trail if you are in the mood to explore. After Ice Box Cave you'll loop through a forest, cross over the road you drove in on, then be at the top of the Ledges Overlook. This is a great place to watch the sunset from, expect to be joined by at least a few other people though.  After the overlook, the trail descends to the bottom of the ledges. The ledges are less broken apart here than before but are much taller. Follow the trail until you reach the connector trail you entered the trail from, then return the way you came in

TIP: If you want to view the sunset at the Ledges Overlook but don't want to hike in the dark after it sets, cut back through the large field behind the overlook to quickly get back to your car

  • Trailhead:  Virginia Kendall Ledges Trailhead, Truxell Road
  • Length: 1.75-miles
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
  • Attractions: Sandstone Ledges, Caves, Overlook