Getting to Honey Run Falls

Honey Run Falls isn't too difficult to find. After you've found the parking lot at the address listed above, a short trail will take you to the waterfall.

Nearby waterfalls

Maybe 30 minutes to the north of here is Mohican State Park, which contains Lyons and Little Lyons Falls, which are 80 feet and 25 feet in height, respectively. Also near Mohican State Park is Hemlock Falls, which is more impressive than either of the Lyons Falls in my opinion.

Height: 20 feet

Crest: 10 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Water flow level: Moderate flow

​Address: 10855 Hazel Dell Road, Howard, Ohio

Photo by KellyePhotography

Honey Run Falls is a medium-sized waterfall in Knox County and is probably the most impressive waterfall in all of Central Ohio save Hayden Run Falls. I've been told that this waterfall can dry up in the summer, so its probably best to come here in the spring or after a rain. Honey Run Falls is located in the Honey Run Waterfall Park, a small park that has surprisingly a lot more to offer than just the waterfall. The park preserves a scenic hemlock gorge and has a trail that can take you down the gorge and to the Kokosing river.

Honey Run Falls