Why You Should Visit

While many people believe Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls are the only major waterfalls located in the Mohican State Park Region, there is actually a third major waterfall! Situated near Mohican State Park, Hemlock Falls is easily as incredible as both of the Lyon's Falls. The land Hemlock Falls is on is owned by the Mohican School for the Out of Doors. They allow people to go back and check out the waterfall, but they ask that you call them first before you head out. Their number is (419) 938-6671.

  • Address: 5370 Bunkerhill N. Road, Butler, Ohio
  • Height: 30 feet
  • Crest: 6 feet
  • Difficulty to reach: Moderate
  • Water flow level: Moderate flow

The Mohican School for the Out-of-Doors is located at 5370 Bunkerhill North Road, Butler, Ohio. To get to the waterfall take the unpaved road that leads out of the parking lot, this will take you to a sign that directs you to the trail. The trail leads through a pine forest and brings you to Hemlock Falls.

Nearby waterfalls

Like stated above, Mohican State Park is home to two waterfalls; Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls. A short drive south from here will can take you to Honey Run Falls, a scenic waterfall tucked away in a hemlock gorge.

This information is in reference to the book "200 Hikeable waterfalls of Ohio" by Tina Karle

Hemlock Falls