Mohican State Park Map located here

How to get there.
The trailhead for Lyons Falls is located on County Road 939, which is also known as park road. The trailhead is on the southern side of the river right before the covered bridge. If coming from I-71 exit on to State Route 97 and turn right. Continue on State Route 97 until to intersects with State Route 13, Turn left on to State Route 13 then 1/4 later turn right back on to State Route 97. Continue on Highway 97 for over 10 miles and enter Mohican State Park/forest. Be on the lookout for a sign that directs you to Lyons Falls. When you reach County Road 939, turn left and head down the road for about a mile. The trailhead is right before the bridge. The trail is on the left side of the road. The waterfall is about one mile up the trail. The map on the right is not perfectly accurate but should give you a good idea of where the park/road is.

Lyons Falls


Located in Mohican State Park, Lyons Falls is a large, low flow waterfall that has a recess cave behind it. The waterfall is similar to Ash Cave Falls in Hocking Hills. Further up the trail from Lyons Falls is Little Lyons Falls, a smaller waterfall that is worth checking out because of the interesting cave at the bottom of the waterfall.