How to get there:
This can be a tough waterfall to find if you're not entirely sure where it is. Centerville Mills is located about a mile north of Aurora near the intersection of Crackel road and Chillicothe Road. Near the intersection is a small park with a pond. Park here and head across the street. Go to the left of the building and you'll find a decently large sized stream. You should be able to hear/see the waterfall at this point. 

Nearby Waterfalls:

8 miles to the north is the relatively unknown Willey Creek Falls and the slightly better known waterfalls of Sulphur Springs Creek. The 100-foot wide, 20-foot tall Great Falls of Tinkers Creek is 11 miles Northwest of here. Just a short drive from Great Falls is Bridal Veil Falls and the Deerlick Creek Waterfalls in the Bedford Reservation.

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Centerville Mills by Nick Hoeller

Centerville Mills Falls is one of the most unique waterfalls in all of Northeast Ohio. One of the reasons this waterfall is so cool is because there's actually a decently large recess cave behind this waterfall that allows you to walk behind it without getting wet. As incredible as this waterfall is it is sadly located on private property and the landowner has made it rather clear they don't want you on their property. Unless if you can get the landowners permission, I don't advise going back here.

Centerville Mills Falls

Height: 20 feet

Crest: 25 feet

Difficulty to reach: Moderate

Water flow level: Medium-High

​Address: Crackel Road, Aurora, Ohio