The trail will cross the road and walk past the golf course before returning to the right side of the road to descend down to the Lost Meadows Picnic area. After the Lost Meadows area you will loop around a branch of Deerlick creek. Somewhat visible from the trail is Deerlick Creek Falls, a scenic waterfall that makes a clean 12 foot drop down the creek. A quarter mile past the waterfall is Bridal Veil falls, a beautiful cascade that peacefully drops 20 feet in a 100 foot long slide. Past Bridal Veil Falls, the trail goes up and down through the hills and parallels a small creek. A mile past the falls is the Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the 200-foot deep Tinkers Creek Gorge.

Buckeye Trail-Bedford
7.6 miles, Moderate

The Bedford portion of the Buckeye Trail begins at Egbert Picnic area. Like the rest of the Buckeye Trail, this trail is marked with blue blazes. With an extensive network of Bridle Trails running through the Bedford Reservation, it's easy to take a wrong turn if you're not paying attention to the blazes. Immediately after exiting the Picnic Area's lot you are rewarded with views of Tinkers creek over 100 feet below you. After the overlook, the trail will turn away from the gorge and head towards Gorge Parkway. The majority of this trail will stay relatively close to the road, but usually stays just far enough into the woods that you don't even realize the road is just a few hundred yards away. 

Egbert Picnic Area, Gorge Parkway, Bedford, Ohio


The Egbert Picnic area is located near the end of Gorge Parkway in Bedford, Ohio. If turning on to Gorge Parkway from Taylor Parkway, the Egbert Picnic Area will be the first parking lot on your right.

Buckeye Trail Bedford Reservation

After the overlook, the trail runs next to the road until it intersects with Overlook Lane. Here, the trail will enter a thick forest, and later pass an ancient stone quarry that has long been abandoned. After the quarry, the trail passes through a thick grove of pine trees and then crosses over Egbert road. Later in the hike, you'll cross the road again at the intersection between Dunham and Egbert. The trail follows the Bedford All Purpose Trail down and over Alexander road and goes onto the Bike and Hike Trail. The trail will briefly follow the Bike and Hike Trail before veering off to the right and into the Sagamore Creek Valley. The trail follows the rim of the ravine, passing through a clear-cut open area with views of a 20-foot seasonal waterfall. The trail will gradually descend to the Cuyahoga River, dropping over 200 feet. Along the way, the trail will pass by Linda Falls, a 30-foot seasonal waterfall, and will later pass another equally tall waterfall. You shouldn't expect too much of these waterfalls unless it's really been raining, as they are probably only really flowing 1-2 months out of the year.  The trail will begin to parallel Sagamore road and become more steep as it makes the final stretch into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Once fully descended, the trail joins the Cuyahoga Valley's Towpath Trail for the next few miles then parts ways with the Towpath and enters the Brecksville Reservation.

7.6 miles of the world famous Buckeye Trail run through the woods and gorges of the Bedford Reservation, The trail passes by most of the park's significant landmarks, including Deerlick Creek Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook. The trail is especially beautiful in the fall and is one of the most scenic sections of the entire 1400-mile Buckeye Trail.