To reach Affelder Falls park your car at the Affelder House, which can be accessed from a pulloff off Chillicothe Road (State Route 306) half a mile south of Kinsman Road. Only a small sign marks the pulloff, so pay close attention. Once parked, take the Waterfall Trail from the house. Within minutes you’ll be at the falls.

Nearby Locations

  • Height: 20 feet
  • Crest: 4 feet
  • Difficulty to reach: Easy
  • Water flow level: Low
  • Address: The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio

Why You Should Visit

Until just recently (as of this writing) Affelder Falls was only accessible by hiking off-trail upstream from the Affelder House. This changed in 2016 when Geauga Parks built the .25-mile Waterfall Trail, which connects the Affelder House to the Affelder Link Trail and passes right over the falls. The waterfall is rather slim and dries up quick, so you’re best off checking it out after rains and snowmelts. Also in West Woods is the more impressive Ansel Cave and Ansel Cave Falls; a triple tier waterfall at the head of the steeply walled Ansel Cave.

Affelder Falls