Address:  9465 Kinsman Rd, Novelty, OH 44072

Size: 902 Acres

Park System: Geauga Park District

Ansel Cave Trail:

1.5 miles, Easy-Moderate

Trail Description: This is the most popular trail in the park. The main feature of the trail is the spectacular sandstone formation known as Ansel's Cave. The trail starts at the parking lot south of the nature center and heads through the woods briefly until the trail splits in two, creating a loop. Take the trail in a clockwise direction, following the trail as it approaches Pebble Brook. Several small rock outcrops are visible as well. A little further down the trail you will reach Ansel Cave. Unfortunately, the park asks that you don't go inside the cave to preserve its beauty. Continue hiking to finish the loop and return to your car.

Discovery Trail:

Trail length: .3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Trail description: This trail leads past Vernal Pools and takes you to the Sunset Overlook above Pebble Brook.

Affelder Link Trail

1.1 miles, Easy to Moderate

Trail links Chillicothe Road to the Pioneer Bridle Trail. The trail passes by a short spur trail that will take you to Affelder Falls and the Affelder Homestead.

Music Street Link Trail:
.7 miles, Easy

This trail links the street that parallels the southern edge of the park (Music Street) to the Pioneer Bridle Trail.

Pioneer Bridle Trail
2.7 miles, Moderate
Longest Trail in the park. The trail is open to both hikers and Horse riders, so watch where you step! The trail begins at the Nature Center and goes both north and south, making a large loop that will meet with the Affelder Link Trail. If you go in a clockwise direction, you will pass over Pebble Brook, the trail junction with the Music Street Link Trail, and then pass the junction with the Affelder Link Trail. After the junction, you will cross over Pebble Brook again and then go past a small wetland before looping back to the nature center.


Ansel's Cave by Colin Holub (@yukoncolin)

Part of the Geauga Park System, The West Woods preserves over 900 acres of dense forests, waterfalls, and towering rock formations. The undisputed highlight of the park is Ansel Cave, a dramatic narrow gorge with a 20-foot triple tier waterfall at its head. Ansel's Cave has had quite a history, housing Civil War Soldiers, slaves escaping to freedom on the Underground Railroad, and bootleggers during the US's era of prohibition. 500 acres of this park was purchased by the park district in 1994 from the ASM (American Society of Materials) and an additional 100 acres was purchased in 1996, creating the beautiful park that exists today.

The West Woods