Ledges Trail
.54 miles, Easy to Moderate
Trail begins at the parking lot and quickly splits off into a loop trail, stay right then stay left at the next trail junction to stay on the Ledges Trail. The trail will follow the base of the ledges and return to the parking lot.

Nature Trail
1 mile, Easy
Trail begins with the Ledges Trail at the parking lot and stays right at the first and second trail junctions. The trail will meander through a forest of pines west of the Princess Ledges and loop back and connect with the Ledges Trail to finish the hike.

Extending over 1,100 feet in length, the Princess Ledges are one of the many sandstone ledges formations found across Northeast Ohio. Although they are scenic, the (relatively) nearby Virginia Kendall Ledges, Twinsburg Ledges, and Whipps Ledges are much more impressive, and we recommend checking those out before spending time here. The ledges name comes from the previous owners of this property, who had a daughter named Princess who enjoyed exploring and playing on the ledges. 

Princess Ledges Nature Preserve

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Nearby Attractions:
The more impressive Whipps Ledges in the Hinckley Reservation are just 15 minutes east of here by car. Also in the Hinckley Reservation is the less significant Warden Ledges.

Address: 4361 Spruce Avenue, Brunswick Hills, Ohio
Size: 43 acres