Hinckley Reservation is best known for its two main features; Hinckley Lake and the Whipps Ledges. At almost 90 acres in size, Hinckley Lake lays at the center of the reservation and is the park's most popular attraction. Its other landmark, Whipps Ledges, rise over 350 feet above the lake and are comparable in size to the Virginia Kendall Ledges of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

Hinckley Lake by Jacob Teed

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Hinckley Reservation

Hinckley Hills Loop Trail:

2.5 miles, Moderate to Difficult

This is a rugged trail that goes through the hills surrounding Hinckley Lake. The trail follows a portion of the world famous Buckeye Trail.

Hinckley Lake Loop Trail:

3.4 miles, Moderate

This trail mainly loops around Hinckley Lake and is a great trail for viewing wildlife.

Whipps Ledges Trail:

1.25 miles, Moderate

This trail links the Whipps ledges to the Top O' Ledges Picnic area. The trail makes a loop through the Whipps Ledges, passing many impressive geologic formations.

Ledge Lake Trail:

2.5 miles, Moderate

This trail starts at the small ledge lake, which is also the site of the Wordens Homestead. The trail travels by streams and goes through open fields

Buckeye trail:

Length: 6.0 miles

Difficulty: Difficult

Description: The state-wide Buckeye trail passes through the Hinckley Reservation for 6 miles. The trail passes over the rugged hills of the park and goes down to the lake

Worden's Ledges Loop Trail:

Length: 1.0 mile

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This is a wooded trail that goes to the Wordens Ledges. The trail reveals carvings that Noble Stuart made in the 1940's

Address: 1 West Drive, Hinckley, Ohio

Size: 2,682 acres