Lower Old Mans Cave Falls

Start at the Old Mans Cave Visitor Center, this is located right off of State Route 664. With all the signs up around the Hocking Hills Area, you should be able to find this area relatively easily

Take the connector trail from the parking lot and turn right when you reach the Grandma Gatewood Trail. Take the trail downstream for half a mile, passing the Old Man's Cave along the way. The waterfall will be right off the trail, you can't miss it.

Why You Should Visit:

This is a popular waterfall located in the Old Mans Cave area in Hocking Hills State Park. It is downstream from the heavily photographed Upper Falls. The waterfall slides down a rock face before making a straight drop in to the creek below. It's about 25 feet tall but it's incredibly scenic and less crowded than the Upper falls. From the Lower Falls you can go through a narrow gorge to get to the relatively unknown Broken Rock Falls