Chapel Cave by Megan Corwin

Surrounding the Hocking Hills State Park is the Hocking State Forest, a 9,000-acre plot of land that contains similar scenery to the state park with only a fraction of the annoying crowds. Although scenic landmarks can be found all over the forest, the three main attractions of the park are Chapel Cave, Airplane Rock and Balanced Rock. Chapel Cave is a open cave that is massive by Ohio proportions. The cave got its name because it has a very similar structure to a church chapel. Airplane Rock is a unique rock formation shaped like an airplane cockpit and overlooks the deep Crane Hollow Valley The third significant feature of this forest is Balanced Rock, a large flat rock that looks like it is balancing itself on a narrow rock spire. Each link will describe how to get to the specific feature.


Hocking Hills State Forest

Address: Big Pine Road, Rockbridge, Ohio

Acreage: 9,000 acres

Amenities/attractions: caves, rock Climbing and rappelling areas, overlooks, rock ledges