Distance: 2 miles (both ways)
Difficulty: Moderate

Sources: http://trekohio.com/2012/09/11/balanced-rock/

Balanced Rock Trail

Trail Description: Begin at the Hocking Hills Rock Climbing and Rappelling area parking lot. After parking, go across the street and cross over the metal footbridge. The trail will be marked with blue blazes. After you cross the bridge you’ll reach a trail junction that has an information kiosk. Go left. If you go to your right, you’ll head to the Rock Climbing area. Continue to follow the blue blazes. After a short while the trail will drop into the Edison Hollow Valley. You’ll start to pass by towering cliffs and the trail will take you through a massive cut in the rock. Soon after you’ll pass through another smaller rock cut and to the left you will see the balanced rock below you. Return the same way you came.

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