Address: 9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, Ohio

Size: 1,159 acres

Amenities/attractions: river bluffs, overlook deck, nature center, sledding Hill, trails, playground

Named for the 100-foot tall river bluffs located in the southern portion of the park, Highbanks Metro Park is one of the most popular parks in the Columbus Metro Parks System, and for good reason. The park has an extensive and diverse network of trails, leading you past shale ravines, meadows, Indian burial mounds, dense forests, and to an overlook atop the parks famed bluffs.

Dripping Rock Trail
2.5 miles, Strenuous

Trailhead: Nature Center
Loop trail that connects the Park's Nature Center to the Big Meadows Picnic Area. The trail passes through thick forests and past one of the deepest ravines in all of Central Ohio. Also located on the trail is a spur trail that takes you to an ancient Indian burial mound. 

Coyote Run Trail:
3.5 miles, Easy

Trailhead: Nature center
Trail begins by going through the woods and over a small creek before opening up into a large meadow with a large Indian burial mound at its center. The trail loops around the meadow and then splits, with one way taking you farther west and through the woods and another way which will stay in the meadow and return you to the nature center. If yo choose to continue into the woods, you'll make a small loop through the forest and then pass by the Dragonfly Day Camp and a small pond.

Multi-Use Trail:
2.25 miles, Easy

Trailhead: Nature Center
Trail Description: A nice, flat, paved trail that makes a semi loop around the northern portion of the park, beginning at the Nature Center and initially heading east. The majority of the trail will run near the park's border in open fields but will dip into a forest as it descends to the Big Meadows Area and finishes there.

Highbanks trail by Kayla Mieczkowski

Scenic River Trail:
.6 miles, Easy

Trailhead: Big Meadows Picnic Area
If you had to choose a Highbanks trail to take your kids on, this would be the one. The area trail runs parallel to the Olentangy River and the area surrounding the trail is a designated "natural play area" so you can exit the trail and explore the river wherever you'd like.

Big Meadows Path:
1 mile, Easy

Trailhead: Big Meadows Picnic Area
Trail Description: This is a flat trail that loops around the Big Meadows Area, a large floodplain meadow. Great trail to combine with the Scenic River Trail for a relaxing walk or run.

Overlook Trail:
2.3 miles, Moderate

Trailhead: Oak Coves Picnic Area
Beginning at the Oak Coves Picnic Area, to access the Overlook Trail you'll need to begin on the Dripping Rock Trail at the end of the picnic area and follow the trail to ththe left (upstream). Soon you'll reach a trail junction with the Overlook Trail. Turn right onto the trail and go through a meadow so small it wasn't even noted on the park's trail map. After reentering the woods the trail will split in two, creating a loop trail. Take the trail in a counter clockwise direction (go to the right). Here, you'll pass a old graveyard for the Pool family the left trail will take you past a spur trail that will take you to a restored wetland. The bluff overlook is at the end of the trail. You'll cross over several ravines and enter the Edward F. Hutchins Nature Preserve, a portion of the park with the main focus of preserving wildlife. Off-trail activities are prohibited here, so make sure to stay on the trail. When you're almost to the overlook, the trail will reconnect with the other part of the loop trail. From here, the overlook deck is just a few hundred yards away.

Wetland Spur Trail:
Length: .4 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: This is a short trail that branches off from the Overlook trail and takes you to a small shelter that gives views of a restored wetland. Off trail activities are off-limits here in order to protect the ecosystem

Highbanks Metro Park