To access the overlook, you’ll have to take the 2.3-mile Overlook Trail. Park your car at Oak Coves Picnic Area and take the Dripping Rock Trail out of the last parking lot in the turnoff. Take the trail to the left until it intersects with the Overlook Trail a few hundred yards from where you started. Turn right onto the Overlook Trail and follow it until it splits into a loop. Stay right at the loop for the quickest route to the overlook. The trail rejoins the other part of the loop a few hundred yards from the overlook, turn right at this junction to end up at the overlook.

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Highbanks Overlook

Address: 9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, Ohio

Due to the region's relatively flat landscape, the Columbus Metro Area doesn't have a whole lot of scenic overlooks. Highbanks Metro Park is one of the few spots in the area that is anything but flat. The park is situated on the banks of the Olentangy River and was named "Highbanks" due to the 100-foot tall river bluffs located in the southern portion of the park. An overlook sits atop these bluffs and gives you views of the Olentangy River Valley