Hemlock Loop Trail - Bedford Reservation

.8 miles, Easy
Address: Button Road, Bedford, Ohio

Beginning at the Hemlock Grove Picnic area, this trail takes you through the final portion of the Tinkers Creek Gorge, where the valley widens, creating a small floodplain. The trail follows Tinkers Creek upstream, passing several cascades along the way. Perhaps the best time to hike this trail is in the spring, when the floodplain is covered in gorgeous fields of wildflowers. From the trailhead you can also get to the Hemlock Creek Waterfalls, which aren’t that tall but are isolated and quite picturesque.

Getting to the trail:
The trailhead is located at the eastern end of Button Road, a short road the follows the northern side of Tinkers Creek. Park in the lot and take either trail leaving the trailhead (they’re both the Hemlock Loop).

Note: The Hemlock Creek Waterfalls are off-trail, and to my knowledge you’re allowed to explore the creek, but I could be wrong. If anyone tells you not to go off-trail, please listen to them and let me know at ohionatural@gmail.com so I can remove the waterfalls from this website.