Hemlock Creek Waterfalls

First Falls: Height: 4 feet – Crest: 15 feet
Second Falls: Height: 5 feet – Crest: 20 feet
Third Falls: Height: 4 feet – Crest: 30 feet
Fourth Falls: Height: 4 feet – Crest: 15 feet
Address: Button Road, Bedford, Ohio

Getting to the waterfalls: Hemlock Creek can be accessed from the Hemlock Picnic Area, which is located at the end of Button Road. The road runs just downstream from the first waterfall, a relatively basic but scenic waterfall. There is no trail here, so simply follow the creek up for roughly 15 minutes to arrive at a peaceful waterfall that gracefully slides down the creek, cutting through the rock to create a channel where most of the water flows through. Continuing up the creek for 10-15 minutes, you’ll arrive at an interesting L-shaped waterfall that easily has the longest crest of any waterfall on this creek. 5 minutes further up the creek you’ll pass under a small cave of tree roots that has formed thanks to recent erosion. Just past the cave is the fourth waterfall, which is tucked away in a little cove and is the most picturesque of any waterfall on this creek. By this point you have traveled almost a mile and I advise heading back the way you came. If you go any further upstream, you will exit the Bedford Reservation and end up adjacent to a water treatment plant.

Note: From the research I’ve done, the Cleveland Metropark’s stance on off-trail hiking still remains unclear. Although I did not see any signs telling me hiking here was not allowed, if you are in any way informed not to go back here, please don’t. If you have any questions regarding how to get here or you experienced an incident where you were told this creek was off limits, please notify us at ohionatural@gmail.com. Thank you and happy exploring!

One of the larger tributaries of Tinkers Creek, Hemlock Creek flows into the creek at the Western tip of the Bedford Reservation. Although none of the waterfalls on this creek are particularly large, hiking up the isolated creek makes for a fun addition to any visit to the Bedford Reservation. Before visiting these waterfalls, I highly recommend checking out the park’s other waterfalls: Bridal Veil Falls and Deerlick Creek Falls, which are more impressive than these small cascades