Address: Skyline Drive, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Tucked away in Willoughby Hills is the Hach-Otis Nature Preserve, an 81-acre bird sanctuary that offers breathtaking vistas of the forested Chagrin River Valley. Within the preserve you might be able to spot several young Chestnut Trees. These trees once dominated the forests of North America before being eradicated by a devastating blight. 


Hach-Otis Overlook

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How to Get to The Overlook:
The preserve offers expansive views of the Chagrin River Valley on both its South and North Trails. To see all the overlooks the preserve offers, begin by leaving the parking lot and turning right onto the South Trail, taking it in a counter-clockwise direction. The trail will begin by traversing through an upland forest then briefly dipping into a small ravine before changing course and following the edge of the ridge above the Chagrin River. As the trail loops back to the trailhead, turn right onto the North Trail, with the best views in the park coming at the northern tip of the trail. The trail will then loop back to the trailhead. In total this hike is roughly 1.5 miles long. NOTE: This park closes at 4PM every single day, so be sure to give yourself at least an hour to hike the trail and enjoy the views.

Hach-Otis Nature Preserve by Jacob Teed