Buttermilk Falls in winter by Rob Vaughn

Getting to Buttermilk Falls:
Although the North Chagrin Reservation is a pretty large park, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding waterfall as it located just feet the park’s main road; Buttermilk Falls Parkway. If coming from the park’s northern entrance on Chardon Road, drive south down Buttermilk Falls Parkway, passing the Strawberry Picnic Area, the Intergrove Cabin and Sunset Lane. Briefly after sunset lane you’ll cross a bridge and a large sign will indicate you are at the Buttermilk Falls Trailhead. Park here and follow the signs directing you towards the Buttermilk Falls overlook deck to view the waterfall.

North Chagrin Reservation Trail Map

Commonly mixed up with the more impressive Buttermilk Falls of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Buttermilk Falls is the main attraction of the North Chagrin Reservation that isn’t Squire’s Castle. The waterfall begins with a crest of around 15 feet wide then slowly narrows to around 5 feet as it slides down the creek. Downstream from the falls is a narrow ravine with several small cascades that can be viewed on the 1.6-mile Hickory Fox Loop Trail. 

Height: 15 feet
Crest: 15 feet
Water flow level: Moderate Flow
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Address: North Chagrin Reservation (3037 Som Center Road, Willoughby Hills, Ohio)

Buttermilk Falls (North Chagrin)