Garrettsville Falls

Photo by Jacob Teed

Garrettsville Falls is a decent sized waterfall on Eagle Creek and is located at the center of the town of Garrettsville, northeast of Akron and west of Youngstown. The waterfall is half-dam and half-waterfall. The beautiful Nelson Ledges State Park is just a short drive from here.

Height: 13 feet

Crest: 40 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy

Water flow level: High

Address: Garrettsville, Ohio

How to get there: 
The best place to view the waterfall is from the bridge that goes over the creek. The closest address of the bridge is 8135 Windham street, Garrrettsville, Ohio. It shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Nearby waterfalls:

Cascade Falls and Minnehaha Falls, both of which are in Nelson Ledges State Park, are just a short drive from here. 40-foot falls is also nearby, but I haven't visited it yet and I believe it is on private land.