Height: 15 feet

Crest: 4 feet

Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate

Minnehaha falls is a smaller semi-seasonal waterfall located in Nelson ledges State park. Although the waterfall isn't tall, wide, or does it have a high volume of water, it's still very beautiful and definitely worth checking out. Just a few hundred feet below Minnehaha Falls is narrow 18-foot waterfall that can only be viewed by trekking through a canyon/cave. Getting to the lower waterfall is difficult and shouldn't be taken by anyone who is not confident in their balance or scrambling skills but is an extremely rewarding experience if you're in good enough shape. On the other side of Nelson Ledges State Park is the 40-foot Cascade Falls, one of Northeast Ohio's tallest and most unique waterfalls.

Minnehaha Falls

How to get there:
Minnehaha falls is located at the Southernmost portion of Nelson Ledges State Park. The park is on Nelson Ledge road in Garrettsville, Ohio. To get to the waterfall, follow the white blazes through the park. The blazes will take you to the waterfall