Englewood Metropark

Opened to the public in the spring of 1967, Englewood Metropark is one of the most popular parks in the Five Rivers MetroParks System of Western Ohio. The park protects 1900 acres of floodplain forests, lakes, and wetlands. Over 8 miles of trails head through the park, which can take you past any of the park’s 3 notable waterfalls. Taylorsville Metropark, which contains the ruins of Tadmor and impressive rock outcroppings, is located just a few minutes away.

Yellow Trail:
.8 miles, Easy
Trail begins connected with the Purple, Black, and White Trails then stays left at trail intersection 3, making a small loop and taking you past the Pumpkin Ash & Swamp Forest, the remnants of a swamp forest. Trail connects with the Green Trail.

Red Trail:
1.2 miles, Easy-Moderate
Loop trail that follows park roads for a good portion of the trail then cuts through a forest and crosses over a creek downstream from the smaller Oak Falls.

Trailhead: Patty Road, Vandalia, Ohio

All color-coded trails in Englewood Metropark begin and end at this trailhead.  The trailhead is about ¾ of a mile down the road from the road’s intersection with Frederick Pike Road.

Black Trail:
.4 miles, Easy
Short trail that loops around a meadow. Shares trail with White, Yellow, and Purple Trails briefly before veering off to the left at Trail Intersection 1.

Blue Trail:
.5 miles, Easy
Short loop trail that runs through a forest and over a creek twice. Briefly shares trail with Green and Red Trails.

Purple Trail:
.5 miles, Easy
Trail begins with Black, White, and Yellow Trail then splits at trail intersection 3, staying right and taking you to Patty Falls, the 2nd most impressive waterfall in the park. Trail ends at starting point.

Address: 4361 West National Road, Vandalia, Ohio

Size: 1900 acres

Photo by Jeffrey Patrick

White Trail:
1.2 miles, Easy-Moderate
Loop trail that begins trail connected with Black, Yellow, and Purple Trails before leaving them at Trail intersection 2. The trail makes a loop around a floodplain forest and joins the Green Trail to take you past the Stillwater River.

Green Trail:
3.8 miles, Moderate
The longest and most impressive trail in the park. The trail makes a big loop around the heart of Englewood MetroPark, passing by a lake/wetland, the Stillwater River, Martindale Falls (the park’s most impressive waterfall), the Pumpkin Ash & Swamp Forest, Patty Falls, and the smaller Oak Falls. If you have a few hours to hike, this is one of the better trails in Western Ohio.