Address: 4700 East National Road, Vandalia, Ohio
Size: 1,300 acres


The area that the Taylorsville Metropark now protects was once the site of the thriving town of Tadmor, which long ago was one of the most important industrial cities in Ohio. Today the city is nothing more than ruins, and you can view those ruins on two of the park's trails. The park has some of the most dramatic scenery of all of Western Ohio, containing massive rock outcrops, ravines, and pine forests. 13 miles of trails run through the park, making this one of the best hiking destinations anywhere near Dayton.


Taylorsville Metropark

2005 US. 40 Trailhead:

Great Miami River Bikeway
A portion of the long Great Miami River Bikeway heads through the park, passing by ruins of the city of Tadmor. The trail briefly shares the trail with the Buckeye and North Country Trails.

Buckeye and North Country Trails
A portion of the world famous 1400-mile Buckeye Trail heads through the park, sharing the trail with the somewhat completed North Country Trail, which will cross 7 states when it is finished. The trail passes by the ruins of the City of Tadmor and shares the trail with the Miami River Bikeway for a portion of the trail.


1200 Brown School Road Trailhead:

White Trail:
.3 miles, Easy
Short loop trail that mainly shares the trail with the Blue and Violet Trails

Violet Trail
.8 miles, Easy
Trail makes a loop through meadows and forests, mainly sharing the trail with the Blue Trail

Blue Trail
.9 miles, Moderate
Longest trail at the Brown School Road trailhead. Trail shares trail will Violet Trail before veering off and crossing over a creek before reuniting with the Violet Trail

2101 US. 40 Trailhead:

Green Trail:
.4 miles, Easy
Trail makes a short loop, running through upland forests, passing by the CCC shelter and around the heads of several small creeks. Trail shares trail with YellowBlue trail for about half the hike

Yellow Blue Trail
1.2 miles, Moderate
One of the longer and more impressive color-coded trails in the park. The trail briefly shares the trail with the Green Trail before leaving and taking you to an Overlook of the Great Miami River. From here, the trail crosses over 3 creeks before looping back and returning to the trailhead

Orange Trail:
3.2 miles, Moderate
Longest and best color-coded trail in the park. Shortly past the trailhead the trail takes you past the Rock Outcrop, an interesting crumbling rock face. After the Rock Outcrop, the trail makes a big loop, passing over dozens of creeks and through a small forest of pines before taking you to an overlook of the Great Miami River at the trail’s northernmost point.