Flowing out of the 200+ year old Clifton Mill and into the Little Miami River is this double waterfall. Clifton Mill Falls becomes especially picturesque on December nights when the whole mill is decorated head to toe with Christmas lights. The mill is the largest of the 47 remaining gristmills in the United States and includes a restaurant and tourist store. The mill lies adjacent to the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and John Bryan State Park, which is considered by many to be Western Ohio's most beautiful state park. Also nearby is Glen Helen Nature Preserve, and its famous cascades.

Getting to Clifton Mill Falls
The mill and waterfall are located at the address listed above, so simply park there and you’ll be able to find it quite easily. Good luck!

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Clifton Mill Falls

  • Height: 20 feet
  • Crest: 30 feet (total)
  • Difficulty to reach: Easy
  • Water flow level: Moderate to High
  • Address: 75 Water Street, Clifton, Ohio