Address: 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio


Inman Trail

Medium Length, Moderate

Trail begins at main entrance with the Pine Forest Trail and crosses over Yellow Springs Creek before splitting to create a large loop trail. By going in a clockwise direction, you will follow the creek upstream, passing a spur trail for Pompey's Pillar, an unique rock spire. After the pillar, the trail will take you to Grotto Falls, a small seasonal waterfall that flows over a small cave. The trail will head uphill and pass the "Yellow Springs" for which the town was named after. After trekking through an upland forest, you will reach the 10-foot Glen Helen Falls, which is also known as  "The Cascades". The trail follows Birch Creek downstream back to Yellow Springs Creek and back to the parking lot.

Pine Forest Trail

Long, Moderate to Difficult

The Pine Forest Trail is makes a loop and is composed of three trails: The Upper Birch Creek Trail, the Lower Birch Creek Trail, and the Sassafras Grove Trail. The trail begins at the park's lot and shares the trail with the Inman Trail as it crosses over Yellow Springs Creek. The Pine Forest Trail stays to the right and crosses over Birch Creek, veering away from the Inman Trail. Here the trail splits in two, the trail going to the right being the Lower Birch Trail and the trail to the left being the Upper Birch Trail. Go in a clockwise direction, following the Upper Birch Trail. The trail will run above cliff walls and later pass over the small Travelers Spring.The trail continues to head south, passing over Dead Gulch and finally ending in the park's Pine Forest. Near the Pine Forest, the Sassafras Grove Trail connects with the trail, and can take you downhill to the Lower Birch Trail. Follow the Lower Birch Trail upstream back to the trailhead.

Although the 1000+ acre Glen Helen Nature Preserve contains countless amazing landmarks, one of the park's more unique features is the natural spring for which the city of Yellow Springs was named after. Other than the spring, The park contains waterfalls, an Indian Monument, a pine forest, interesting rock formations, a gorge, and over 20 miles of trails

Glen Helen Nature Preserve

Glen Helen Falls by Patrick Stepanek

Other trails:
While the Pine Forest and Inman Trails are the most well marked trails in the park, many other miles of trails cross through the park, passing by many beautiful sites. Check out the map to get a better idea of where all these trails going and how long they are.