Downstream from Deer Lick Cave Falls by Jacob Teed

Buckeye Trail Brecksville Reservation:

3 miles, Moderately strenuous

 This trail begins at Station road Trailhead, as the Buckeye Trail is leaving the Towpath Trail. The trail leaves the lot and crosses over Chippewa Creek at Riverside Road. Here, the trail travels through a floodplain and then slowly ascends up a ridge. Near the top of the ridge is a spur trail that will take you to My Mountain Overlook. The overlook is somewhat covered in trees, so the best time to come here is definitely in the winter. Continuing on the trail, you'll pass over Valley Parkway and join the Deer Lick Cave trail until you reach Deer Lick Cave, an interesting geologic feature that is more of a rock overhang than a cave. After the cave, the Buckeye Trail will split, with one route going west towards Toledo and the other route heading south. For this hike, we'll want to go south. To go south, cross over Valley Parkway. The trail will now parallel Meadows Drive, staying this way for over 1 mile. The trail will then pass by Ottawa point and descend into a wooded ravine. This is the end of the Brecksville Reservation. From here, the trail continues into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, passing by Blue Hen Falls almost 8 miles later. 

Address: Station Road Bridge Trailhead, Chippewa Creek Drive, Brecksville, Ohio

3 miles of the World-famous 1400-mile Buckeye Trail run through the Cleveland Metro Park's Brecksville Reservation. The trail passes by the My Mountain Overlook, Deer Lick Cave, and Deer Lick Cave Falls before dropping into a deep ravine and heading into the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Buckeye Trail Brecksville Reservation


The Station Road Bridge Trailhead is located at the Eastern end of Chippewa Creek Drive. If heading east on State Route 82, turn right onto Riverview Road then turn left onto Chippewa Creek Drive. If heading north on Riverview Road, turn right on Chippewa Creek Drive. The trailhead is no more than a quarter mile past the turnoff.