Although views of the Beaver Creek Valley are abundant throughout the 2,722-acre Beaver Creek State Park, the best place to view the valley from in the park is the overlook at the end of the park’s Overlook Trail. Although tree foliage has ensured that only a narrow sliver of the valley is visible from the overlook for half the year, this view is worth checking out regardless of the season.

Beaver Creek Overlook

Address: Beaver Creek State Park (12021 Echo Dell Road, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920)

Getting to Beaver Creek Overlook:
Beaver Creek State Park’s .25-mile (one way) Overlook Trail can take you to the overlook. To access the trailhead from the park’s main office, cross Little Beaver Creek on the one lane bridge and stay right on Echo Dell Road. The road climbs over 200 feet to reach the trailhead, so be prepared if you’re making this journey on foot. From the park office the trailhead is about half a mile away. The Overlook Trail climbs even higher, finishing at a junction with an orange blazed bridle trail.

Beaver Creek Overlook by Jacob Teed