All Purpose Trail - Brecksville Reservation

Trail length: 4.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

This trail begins at the Station Road Bridge Trailhead at the eastern end of Chippewa Creek Drive. The Station Road Bridge Trailhead can also take you to the Towpath Trail and to four awesome off-trail waterfalls: Twin Sisters Falls, Crazy Man's Hollow Falls #1 and #2, and Greenwood Falls. The All-Purpose Trail crosses over the railroad tracks and runs along the right side of the road. It crosses over Riverside road and continues to run adjacent to Chippewa Creek Drive as it heads into the Brecksville Reservation. Continuing on the trail, you'll take a neat footbridge to get over Chippewa Creek and soon be at the intersection of Valley Parkway and Chippewa Creek Drive. While it isn't a loop, both directions are part of the Reservation's All-Purpose Trail. Going to the right will take you up past the Nature center and to Chippewa Creek Falls, while going left will take you up past Deer Lick Cave and then will exit the Reservation and take you all the way to the Mill Stream Run Reservation.

Chippewa Creek Falls, located at the trail's western trailhead

The All-Purpose trail is a paved trail that parallels both Valley Parkway and Chippewa Creek Drive (it splits in two at the intersection) and is a great place to go for a run,bike ride, or roller blade. I've even long boarded down the trail's hill (I don't recommend, terrifying and everyone on the trail hated me)

Address: Chippewa Creek Drive, Brecksville, Ohio