Shawnee lookout tower:
Built in 1939, the Shawnee Lookout tower was the last lookout tower to be constructed in the Wayne National Forest. The 100-foot tall steel tower was used for detecting fires up until the 1970’s and offers panoramic views of the surrounding forests and hillsides. The tower is listed as a National Historic Monument and was completely restored in 1994. In 2004, a strong windstorm severely damaged the tower, closing it to the public. It is unknown whether it has reopened, but if you’re already nearby it’s definitely worth trying your luck.

Coordinates: 39 degrees 32’55” / 82 degrees 13’ 37”

Snake Ridge Lookout Tower
The Snake Ridge lookout tower was originally built in 1939 but in the 1970’s the tower was dismantled, and the top part of the tower was given to the Hocking College so prospective fireman could do exercise drills on it. In 2007, Hocking College was no longer using the tower and the tower was put back together and serves as a communications tower. Today, the tower is located near the forest headquarters and is open for limited public use.

Coordinates: N 39° 24.173', W 82° 9.993'
How to get there: The tower is located adjacent to the Wayne National Forest Headquarters at 13700 US-33, Nelsonville, OH 45764

Wayne National Forest Outlook Towers

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