Wayne National Forest - Marietta Unit

Closest Town: Marietta, Ohio

About Wayne National Forest:

If there’s one word to describe Wayne National Forest, it would be the word “massive”. At over 250,000 acres, the forest is larger than the Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. 300 miles of multi-use trails go through the park, including the world famous Buckeye and North Country Trails. The park is split up into 3 distinct parcels of land: The Athens Unit, The Marietta Unit, and the Ironton Unit. Overlooks, rock outcroppings, and other natural landmarks can be found within any of the park’s units. One of the most unique features of the forest is the Irish Run Natural Bridge, a 51-foot long bridge that is one of 12 documented natural bridges in Ohio.

Marietta Unit:

​​The Marietta Unit is the easternmost unit of Wayne and is especially known for its abundant and spectacular overlooks of the Ohio River. Almost all of these overlooks can’t be found without embarking on one of the areas long trails, which usually need a few days to complete. Also in the area is the Irish Run Natural Bridge, a 51-foot long natural bridge that is one of the longest in the state.