Address: 6176 Lithopolis Ave, Groveport, Ohio

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Description: This trail parallels Walnut Creek for a little bit, passes over big run, then turns away from the creek and takes you to the Sweetgum trail, which goes through the Tall Pines Area

Sweetgum Trail:
Length: 2.8 Miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: This is a flat, paved trail that goes through the Tall Pine area of Walnut Woods. Much of the trail goes through meadows, but the eastern-most portion of the trail is wooded. The trail is a big loop that can be cut short but a connector trail.

Buckeye Trail:
Length: 2 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description:Not part of the actual Buckeye trail that circles the state. Trail runs alongside the creek and through woods. Loop Trail

Walnut Woods Metro Park is home to 1,032 acres of thick forests and fields adjacent to the Walnut Creek. One of the parks best features, the Tall Pines area, is home to soaring pine trees and is an impressive site any Central Ohio Nature enthusiast should check out.

Walnut Woods