• Address: 9999 Liberty Road, Twinsburg, Ohio

Twinsburg Ledges

Perhaps the most spectacular sandstone ledges in all of Northeast Ohio, The Twinsburg Ledges are part of Liberty Park, a large county park in the city of Twinsburg. These massive ledges rise up nearly 70 feet at some points and pass by small caves and cuts in the rocks. The Ledge trail walks around the base of the ledges before ending at Glacier Cave, a cut in the rock large enough to hold an entire football team.

Ledge trail:

Length: 1.1 miles

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Attractions: Caves, Cliffs

Trail description: The trail begins by promptly heading towards the woods, passing the recently constructed Twinsburg Ledges Nature Center. Shortly after entering the woods, the trail will split, one way taking you down to the pond overlook, and the other taking you around the base of the ledges. I recommend taking a right towards the ledges. As you hike, the ledges will slowly grow in size, and soon tower above you. The vegetation here is quite lush, feeling almost like a tropical jungle. This is very different from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Virginia Kendall Ledges, which feel like they belong in the north woods of Canada. There are several caves in the rocks if you choose to get closer to the ledges. Sadly, many of these caves are blocked off to protect infected bats but several small caves can still be explored. The trail will now leave the ledges and begin heading towards the park's pond. A side trail which will take you to Glacier Cave, an amazing rock formation that is easily the highlight of the trail.