Sunderland Falls

Sources: “200 Hikeable Waterfalls of Ohio” By Tina Karle

At 40 feet tall, this is one of the tallest, if not the tallest waterfall in all of Western Ohio.  A small recess cave has formed behind the waterfall and the waterfall tumbles into a short rocky gorge. It’s not apparent if this waterfall is in a park or not, but it seems that public access is permitted.

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Height: 40 feet
Crest: 15 feet
Difficulty to reach: Easy
Water flow level: Low-Medium

Address: Old Falls Drive, Vandalia, Ohio

Getting to Sunderland Falls:

On Old Falls Drive, park at the Historic Rock and take the trail that says “pathway to the waterfall” to get to an overlook of the waterfall. The trail is very short and you should reach the waterfall in no more than a minute