One of the larger and more impressive waterfalls in Western Pennsylvania, Springfield Falls is easily accessible and seemingly wild if you ignore the building to the right of the falls. The waterfall is located on State Hunting Lands in Mercer County and spills into a scenic hemlock-lined gorge that’s reminiscent of the rugged ravines of Hocking Hills State Park. Although it flows consistently year round, Springfield Falls is most scenic in periods of high water flow when water flows powerfully over the entire cliff.

Getting to Springfield Falls:
From US 19 in Springfield Falls turn right onto Falls Road and then stay left to continue on Falls Road (the normal road turns into Leesburg Station Road). Follow the road briefly as it dips down into the stream valley. Park in the small lot on the right side of the road and head across the road to find yourself at the top of the falls.

Nearby Waterfalls:

The powerful Big Run Falls in New Castle is a 25 minute drive southwest of here. 20 minutes east of Springfield Falls is McConnell's Mill State Park, which contains Hell's Hollow Falls, Alpha Falls, Kildoo Falls, and Breakneck Falls.

Springfield Falls

Height: 25 feet
Crest: 45 feet
Water flow level: Moderate flow
Difficulty to reach: Easy to Moderate
Distance from Ohio border: 25 minutes
Address: Falls Road, Springfield Falls, PA