Sharon Woods is a 761 acre park located just north of downtown Columbus. The park has an 11 acre lake, beautiful meadows, and two significant ravines. Several miles of trails go through the park, including the Spring Creek Trail, a 1.8 mile trail that sees a wide array of the park's landscapes.

Address: 6911 Cleveland Avenue, Westerville, Ohio

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Multi-Purpose Trail
Length: 3.8 miles
Difficultly: Easy
Trail Description: This is a paved loop trail that goes around the whole park and goes through meadows and woods and over spring creek.

Spring Creek Trail:
Length: 1.8 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Trail Description: This is a nice trail that goes in to the woods, crosses spring creek twice, reemerges from the woods, and goes through a beautiful meadow. It's my personal favorite trail in Sharon Woods

Edward S. Thomas Trail:
Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Description: This trail takes you through a thick forest to an Overlook deck in a meadow.