Opening in 1929, Sand Run is Summit County's oldest metro park! The 995 acre park has over 15 miles of trails and is a local favorite. In addition to hiking, the park has areas for sledding, trails for cross country skiing, and ice skating.

Valley link trail:

Length: 2.8 miles (one way)

Difficulty: Easy

Description: This trial connects to the Schumacher Valley area of the Cascade metro park to the north. This can be used if you want to go on a big hike in the area


Buckeye trail:

Difficulty: Strenuous

Trail description: Ohio's statewide trail passes through this park. Going south will take you to the Ohio river, going north will take you to Cleveland.

Dogwood trail:

Length: 1.8 miles

Difficulty: Strenuous

Description: Trail explores the shaded valley and stream valleys that surround it

Parkways jogging trail:

Length: 6 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This is a very popular trail that attracts 1000's of users every day regardless of the season so beware.

Mingo Trail:

Length: 3.3 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Mingo trail is a heavily wooded trail that has Tulip, Oak, and Beech trees. Once you get west of the Shady Hollow pavilion the trail becomes rugged

Parcours trail:

Length: 1.4 miles

Difficulty: Strenuous

Description: This is a very good trail for exercising on. The trail has a bunch of exercising stations along the trail.

Sand Run Metro Park

Address: 1300 Sand run road, Akron, Ohio