Sagamore Loop Trail

The Sagamore Loop trail is a somewhat strenuous trail that explores the rugged Sagamore Creek Valley. The main attraction of the trail is Linda Falls, a 30-foot seasonal waterfall the trail passes by on the southern rim of the valley.

Photo of Linda Falls by Colin Holub (@yukoncolin)

Trail Length: 3.6 miles

Difficulty: Strenuous

Attractions: Waterfalls, creek

Directions: The Sagamore Loop Trailhead is located on Alexander Road in Bedford, Ohio. Take Alexander Road west towards the National Park and after the road intersects with Dunham Road the trailhead will be to your left

Trail description:

Start your hike by heading south on the Bike and Hike Trail for 1/3 of a mile until you reach a trail on your right side directing you towards Linda Falls. The trail will closely follow the southern rim of the steep Sagamore Creek Valley, and gives you views of a 20-foot seasonal waterfall. Follow this trail all the way down to Canal Road at the bottom of the valley. Along the way down you will pass by Linda Falls and an unnamed 25-foot waterfall. Both of these are falls are a nice addition to the hike neat but are probably flowing no more than a month out of the year. Once at Canal road, turn right and cross over the creek and the famous Frazee House will be to your right. The Sagamore Loop Trail doubles as a bridal trail briefly as it enters the woods near the house, but the trails will part ways a few minutes in.  After leaving the Bridal Trail, the trail crosses the stream a couple times and then heads up the north slope of the valley and ends at the parking lot.